Rob Kerner

Speaker for Digital Transformation and Innovation

Rob Kerner has a degree in Mathematics from Villanova University, an Executive MBA from San Diego State University and has studied International Marketing at ISEAD.
He is the former Head of Innovation for Personal & Business Banking at RBS (The Royal Bank of Scotland). He is now the MD of Ganduxer, ltd a company focused on helping firms turn ideas into action. Rob’s unique career, which spans industries, functions and cultures, brings outsidein thinking to ensure that innovations actually happen. There is no shortage of people with opinions on what the next digital trend is, but there is certainly a shortage of people that actually know how to make sure these reach customers hands.
Rob started his career in the US Navy. He was an F-14 fighter pilot, assigned to the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy and served during the Bosnian conflict in 1993. Selected as one of the three pilots in the squadron to be an LSO (Landing Signal Officer), he learned first-hand the importance of clear decision making while “talking in” jets aboard the ship. Following his time in the Navy, Rob changed gears to focus on a business career by getting his Executive MBA while finishing his last tour in the Navy.Building from his degree in Mathematics, Rob worked as Financial Analyst for bluechip companies (T-Systems Drip irrigation and Hewlett Packard (HP)). Starting his career in San Diego, CA he and his wife moved to Barcelona Spain with HP in 2000. In 2006, Rob decided to strike out on his own where he worked for himself until 2013 when he joined RBS. He and the family moved to the UK in 2007. During this time, he did interim roles as Head of Business Development for a tech start-up and Head of Customer Experience for a music start-up along with other projects across multiple sectors/regions.Following a project for an RBS strategy team, Rob was asked to join RBS on a permanent basis and started his career in banking as Head of Strategy for Invoice Finance. Over the next 2 years he held roles in Strategy in both Customer Experience and Personal & Business Banking.
Given his knowledge of the banking and tech world, Rob was asked to create a team that would drive innovation across Personal & Business Banking. He designed the team, created the structure, hired and managed a team that worked with the business execs to identify, test and drive digital solutions.
Rob is an accomplished keynote speaker and specialises on areas including:
• Accelerating innovation adoption
• Building an innovative culture
• Linking business strategy to innovation strategy
• Knitting old technology to new through digital transformation
• “Failing fast”, “pivoting” and learning to move at pace
Key messages:
• Innovation is not about all about technology, it is about organisation adoption
• Getting new technology into customers hands is the key benchmark
• Strategy must focus the innovation agenda and innovation must inform the strategy
• Get moving, testing quickly and efficiently is critical

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